Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Eyes On The 50-year-old ‘Fitness Goddess’: Madonna

Louise Ciccone aka Madonna has been a driving force in everything from fashion and music to philanthropy and fitness ever since she hopped on the glamour bandwagon. Her 50th birthday seemed like a melting pot for all of her various endeavors- right from rumors about another adoption to her unusual dress and her gym visit the day after her all night birthday party.

For a little girl who grew up in a small town in Michigan, Madonna always knew what she wanted and did all she could to get it too.

I must admit her almost maniacal attitude towards exercise and fitness has inspired me to stick to my own healthy weight loss regime, which is not as taxing on the body. The main reason being, Madonna in her aspirations to stay fit and young goes to go to extreme lengths to stay sizzling hot.

Till date, she has followed weight loss personal training methods like cycling, running, ashtanga yoga, gyrotonic and even vitamin injections (I may have left out even more). And all this is just part of her fitness resume, her beauty regimen list runs longer!

While it is fine to be rigorously disciplined where exercise is concerned, you need to remember that not everybody’s metabolism and physical makeup can withstand workouts like these. Work with a personal trainer in Los Angeles who will analyze you to suggest weight loss training plans that work best for your body.

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